The 3 Takeaways from Valerie's Transformation

Have you ever been completely unhappy with yourself and your situation- but yet you are at a loss for what to do about it?


I want to share with you this story about my friend Valerie. She trains at a TFW location in Minnesota where she has become unstuck from that frustrating situation. I met Valerie at the 2017 TFW Annual Summit in July- and let me tell you, although she has an amazing story, she wasn’t always on top of her game like how she is now.

How did this transformation happen?

Valerie was not in great shape. Her health was suffering. Everything else in her life was taking precedence. Does this scenario sound familiar? Can you relate with Valerie?


I’m too busy”
It costs too much”
"I don’t know where to start”
I don’t have the energy”

These are common thoughts but they are defeating thoughts.


Here’s 3 takeaways from Valerie’s transformation that will help you regain control and inspiration in your life.

Takeaway #1)

Action Cures Defeat


Valerie simply recognized where she was at in life, she was motivated enough to reach out to Reid and Eric at TFW South Metro, and the rest is history. 

She took action.


Takeaway #2) 


None of the changes happened over night for Valerie.


Noticeable changes were months apart.
She made new habits, and over time those habits formed a new lifestyle for her- that new lifestyle reshaped her body.

Takeaway #3) 


One thing I started to notice about Valerie across the 4 days in Buffalo NY at the TFW Summit was her integrity. You might also call it resolve, moral fiber, character, or attitude- it all refers to the same inner trait of not bending and doing the right thing.


Her integrity was so strong it was noticeable.

Even though the woman at Church came across as hurtful, Valerie responded positively to a negative vibe. Granted, it did take time for her to see the goodness in it. We can’t control the negativity around us at times, but we can control how we respond. Many times responding favorably to hard stuff is pretty difficult- BUT it will shape your character and help you become the greatest version of yourself.

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