Is this your first visit to TFW?


Training For Warriors will help you Bring Out the Warrior Within

We're excited for you to get started with the program and make changes that will lead to a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. TFW Lake Mary pledges to always treat you with respect and provide the best fitness program around. 

  • Bring your water bottle

  • Wear moisture wicking workout clothes

  • Optional: Heart Rate/Activity Monitors

  • Towels are provided

  • Cubbies for personal items are provided

  • ❄️❄️We are an air conditioned facility ❄️❄️


How to get to your first class:

STEP 1: 

These waivers must be E-signed before participating. We'll keep them on file for you.

STEP 2: 

View the class schedule. There is a description of the class types on the schedule page.